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Series Medal

You must register and complete all 6 events in the Conbrio Northland Half Marathon Series to be eligible for the series medal.

Virtual option (in the case you can't make the event but still want to be eligible for the series medal)

If you have registered for any of the events in the series you have the option to do the event virtually if you cannot attend. Obviously if you don't complete your run/walk then you will not be eligible for the series medal. You will need to provide evidence of your activity and submit it to to prove you did your run/walk. Your time will not count towards the Conbrio Northland Half Marathon Series Leaderboard.

Series Leaderboard

  • The Conbrio Northland Half Marathon Leader board will capture every half marathon finisher part of the series. If the event did not go ahead due to cancellation then you must participate in the virtual event to be eligible for the series medal. ​

  • The calculation method for points for the series is based on the same method that our friends at Running Events in Auckland use. We believe this method will result in fairer results and help to smooth out the peaks and troughs encountered due to differing participation levels at each event.​

  • Points will be awarded based on where you finished relative to the winner in your gender for those registered in the half marathon. The first-placed male and female athletes in each category receive 100 points, and then subsequent finishers are awarded points as a percentage of the winner’s time. That means that no matter how long you take to finish, you will always earn some points.​

  • We will be offering DOUBLE POINTS for the final event of the series. That means the overall winners at the Kerikeri Half Marathon will receive 200 points instead of 100 … and so on…. So, make sure you save your best until last!

  • Although you do not need to complete all events to achieve an overall placing, it will obviously be difficult to win unless you do.


Recognition: The first placed male & female in the Conbrio Northland Half Marathon Series event will receive a trophy and free entry into next years Sport Northland Half Marathon Series. 

Can I use my event credit/s towards the series?

Yes. In 2021 we cancelled a few events and offered a credit/transfer to another event. If you wish to credit these events towards the Northland Half Marathon Series, please email

Instalment Payments

What are they? 

With Instalment Payments your entry is divided into 4 equal payments that must be paid on the dates listed below. Think of it as a sign up now and pay later with a deposit of 25% when registering. 

How can I pay?

Internet Banking - The customer agrees to set up a direct debit into the bank account of Sport Northland for payment of 4 equal instalments on the instalment dates specified below:

Credit Card - By selecting the instalment option, you agree to make credit card part payments on the dates specified below via your event registration user dashboard. 


By selecting the instalment option, you agree to make payments on the dates specified below via your event registration user dashboard.  


Instalment Dates  


  • 1st payment is required at time of sign up - 25% of the Entry Fee 

  • 2nd payment due 4th April 2022 - 25% of the Entry Fee 

  • 3rd payment due 2nd May 2022 -25% of the Entry Fee 

  • The final price due 7th June - 25% of the Entry Fee 


Missed Payments 

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss any of the instalment dates listed below, please contact Sport Northland to let us know explain what is happening as soon as possible. If your payment is not received within 7 days from the instalment dates listed below your entry will be withdrawn.  


Applying for a refund?  


  1. For administrative errors on your part or a change of mind, no refund applies. 

  2. In a situation where you experience an unexpected illness or injury, a medical certificate is REQUIRED. The medical certificate will need to be sent through to with a brief explanation. We will review your email. Your refund isn’t guaranteed.  

  3. A family grievance. 


Paid in full Refunds (if you paid for the series pass in full and you meet the criteria. See ‘Applying for a refund’ above) 


  • If you withdraw at any stage throughout the series, you will get a partial refund based on the average cost of 6 events (6 events, divided by what you paid, e.g., $320.00 = $53 per event). Depending on the number of events you have left, e.g., you have three events left, we then multiply those three events by $53 and refund 75%.  

  • Amount paid divided by the number of events in the series equals the average cost per event. Number of events left to complete multiplied by the average price per event. The total average cost of events remaining multiplied by 75%. 

  • 320\6 = 53 || 3 events left to complete || 53x3=159x75% 


Paid by instalments Refunds (if you paid for the series pass using instalments and you meet the criteria. See ‘Applying for a refund’ above) 


  • If you withdraw at any stage throughout the series, you will get a partial refund based on how many instalments you have made (4 payments of $80 each for SEB) and how many events you have completed. 

  • There are 6 events in the series and at the SEB price ($320) it works out on average to be approx. $53 per event e.g., $320.00/6 = $53. 

  • Now we look at the number of instalments paid (e.g., 1 payment has been made of $80) minus the number of events completed (in this case, 1 event has been completed) will be deducted and you will be given 75% of the remaining total. 

  • e.g., 1st instalment made of $80.00 minus one event, $53 multiplied by 75%. 

  • $80 – $53 = $27 x75%  


COVID-19 Sport Northland Event Policy


In order to hold a Sport Northland Event within the new COVID-19 protection framework (traffic light system), we must require the use of a vaccine certificates (for anyone over 12 years old). Anyone can get a "My Vaccine Pass" to prove that they have been fully vaccinated (some may have a medical exemption) and need to be scanned prior to the event.


More information about vaccine certificates can be found here


Given that all our events are held in Northland, if we find ourselves in the green or orange setting, we are good to go under the COVID-19 protection framework. If Northland is in the red setting or any form of lockdown, we will not be able to hold the event. In this case, the cancellation policy you recognised and accepted when registering kicks in.



Sport Northland reserves the right to cancel the Event at any time. Reasons for cancellation may include, but are not limited to, Sport Northland deciding in its sole discretion cancellation is required due to any sort of dangerous conditions, outbreak of Covid-19 or other communicable disease, natural disaster, acts of war, terrorism and/or similar major event beyond our control.  


If the event cannot be run on the original date, Sport Northland will endeavour to reschedule the event to a new date, with all registrations being automatically transferred. If the event cannot be rescheduled, or cannot be held on the postponement date, all entrants may be given the below options…. 


  • Option 1 - A transfer of your entry to the following years Event + we will endeavor to hold a virtual event. 

  • Option 2 - 100% credit to any other Sport Northland Event in the next 12 months. 

  • Option 3 – A partial Refund which will be based on the refund stage we are in at the time of cancelling. See refund structure on event website.  


We will not refund 100% of your entry fee. Under no circumstance.